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09/26/10 08:52 AM #12    


Kenneth Sharpe

There is also the fact that I was actually a credit shy myself and got my diploma from GTCC, instead of going another semester.

I can try to get in touch with Larry Johnson, he attended our class, but did not graduate. He is, or was a manager with Dollar Tree. This was as of last spring, he was managing the one on Bridford Pkwy.

Definitly agree with Dana on this.


Ken Sharpe

09/26/10 05:27 PM #13    

Patty Faust (Gray)

I keep in touch with Alana. She lives in NYC and it is doubtful that she will make it.

09/28/10 09:20 AM #14    


Dana Lowell


I know that reading the Memorial page is sad thing for all of us.  But I was especially bewildered to see Kathy Abe on the list.  So I wrote to her sister to find out what happened and posted the reply for you on Kathy's page.

09/29/10 06:22 PM #15    


Claudelle Rankin (Duncan)

I'm curious to know how many of us remember the Alma Mater?  

09/30/10 11:28 AM #16    


Toni Stelmack (Spiegel)

Hi, Thanks to all of you who put this together.  Looking forward to it!  I was wondering about attire for the Sat. eve. party.  I know it says business/bus. casual, but I was thinking a little more formal.  Since Friday is casual, I wondered if Sat. would be more dressy.  Tell me what you think, anybody.  Thanks! 

10/03/10 11:34 PM #17    


Dana Lowell

UPDATE:  I found a few friends over the past two weeks.  It seems like some people don't want to be found.  And others don't want to take two minutes to log into this reunion website.  (By the way, I want to thank Ken Anderson for adding Ronald Tucker's and Mary Stowe's names to our class list).

I ran into Carol Witherspoon at Harris Teeter, and after laughing for an hour with her, I decided to attend the reunion!  

I dragged Donna Baldwin into my office and filled out her reunion page as she watched.   She's a hoot!

I dragged Dale Johnson into my office and filled out his page.  (I joined Facebook to find him because I knew Dale "lives on Facebook" and does not have e-mail or a telephone).  He says "maybe".  

I got a "maybe" from Ronald Tucker, but have yet to convince him to sign up here on this site.  

I pestered and annoyed my old buddy Lee Spencer to come.  At least I got him to sign up here on this site.  

And I found Mary Stowe too, and she recently signed up here!  Yay!   She says "maybe", and may at least make it to the Friday thing, I don't know.  But it was good to find her!  She's on Facebook under that name, so everybody say "Hi" to her sometime.

I found Kelly Price teaching drama in Concord, NC under the name Kelly Slusarick.  We are in the same line of work and we had a good chat on the phone.  Look for her on Facebook as "Kelly Slusarick", and please entice her to come.  Thanks.

Bryn Pike Chapman and I just "friended" each other on Facebook, but I believe she said she had a schedule conflict with the reunion weekend.  But who knows, maybe she will make it Friday at least...

I ran into Stephanie Bartis at Harris Teeter and again on Facebook, but got a polite "no".  And she says, "I hope you all have a blast!!!".    Even so, I was hoping to at least get her to sign up here on this class website, but she didn't.  Maybe she will sign up on her own one day...

I found out where Paula Rigolosi lives!  And by odd coincidence, it's right across the street from the Greensboro Day School where I work.  I hope to find time to cross the street and bang on her door this least to leave a note...

Before I got on Facebook, I joined MySpace thinking that would be the way to find a musician like Randy Barlow.  I was unable to reach him.   But to my surprise, he logged on today as a "yes"! 

I saw Della Watts on Facebook as Della Taylor.  But sadly, she did not reply to my e-mail or friend request.  I heard she only logs on once a month or so.   So by the time she gets my note the thing may be over with!

I found an e-mail for Jeffery Parrett because his daughter did her dance recitals at my theatre at GSO Day School.  But he did not reply to my e-mail request to join this site.

I was not able to find Alana Teichman.  Patty says she is in New York.  She may have a married name.  I work at Greensboro Day School, where Alana graduated in 1980, but even our Alumni director didn't have any contact info on her.

I still have no leads on Stephen "Elliott" Wylie yet.

I have a good lead on Wendy Green, because her younger brother Bob, (class of 81), just "friended" me on Facebook.  He goes by the name "Bob Equality Green" if you want to chat with him.

I saw Neil Lewis at Harris Teeter.  My 2 year old boy accidentally crashed into him with a miniature shopping cart, nearly knocking two cups of Starbucks out of Neil's hands!!!  But I was too embarrased to strike up a conversation and tell him about this website.  Doh!

I tried to find Eric Welker.  I was friends with his wife Gaile, one of the founders of the Piedmont Blues Preservation Society.  And back in the 1980's their son Lee was a child guest on my "Billy Bobb" TV show.  Their son was the center of their world.  Lee tragically died in the 1990's.  When I contacted Gaile recently, she said she and Eric have been divorced for 7 years now, and Eric left the state and they are no longer in contact at all.  Sad.

I found Ron Rimmer's sister.  She happily gave me Ron's work number and e-mail.  

Ash Harrison friended me on Facebook today, but frankly, I haven't had a chance to ask him to sign up yet...


I really do enjoy tracking down friends on Google, Facebook and such, so I will continue to do so in the future, even after this particular reunion. 



10/04/10 01:05 AM #18    


Toni Stelmack (Spiegel)

I will look up Ash Harrison. 


10/05/10 06:51 PM #19    

Mary Stowe

 Wow! Dana you sure are working hard at finding people! 

You are a super sleuther!

10/07/10 01:44 PM #20    


Dana Lowell

Thanks Mary.  It makes a fun "computer game" to search for people...(More productive than playing Freecell).

 Another Update:

Bryn Pike and Kelly Price are now on board here!  Yay!

I found Paula Rigolosi's married name!  Look for her on Facebook as:  Paula Rigolosi Pilkenton.  She seems timid about signing onto this site.

Ron Rimmer signed up.   Wow, I didn't know he was a US Marine!!! 

He is a man of very, very few words.  But if you were buddies with Ron Rimmer, his sister Karen suggests trying this e-mail:

10/08/10 11:09 AM #21    


Lynn Holt (Campbell)

As it turns out, I won't be able to attend any events mother in law has had a health crisis over the past week and a half and we are dealing with getting her into Assisted Living, etc. This is my and Rob's busy time of year and we have missed an entire week from our business (not begrudgingly, just the reality) and are using weekends to make up work now. of my oldest friends found out yesterday he has THREE types of cancer, it's all over his body, brain lesions, etc. and "this is it", I'll be going to Charlotte to (virtually) say goodbye and visit with him. I hope everyone has a great time and please, anyone interested, look me up on FB (Lynn Holt-Campbell) or email me:!!!

10/09/10 02:21 PM #22    


Dana Lowell

Wow, that Friday night party was epic!  About 300 Page and Grimsley folks.  Plus the party went lots of crashers from other grades and other schools!   (We could have done without that one Smith dude!)  The Elks had to boot us out at 1:30 am!  That party will become legend.  Rod Davis was talking about it on Magic radio...!

Definately the funnest high school party I ever went to, (better late than never!)

10/09/10 05:04 PM #23    

Jill Utter (Shugart)

Clay and I have had an unforeseen minor emergency come up late last night and we were waiting as long as we could today to cancel. First of all if anyone is paying at the door please use our payment for them. My heart is breaking right now!! This reunion was the beginning of my healing from a high school incident thirty-two years ago. But as my precious husband reminded me, the healing began when I signed  up with my daughter Anna. We were talking about the people who passed away and her comment of " Mom, if for no other reason you have to go to honor the one's who can no longer be there", was the reason for clicking the yes button.  I can't wait to see the pictures and I will download recent one's of my family. It was so good to see some of you at the Whirliewear table at the game. I hope to reconnect with some of you in the near future. You all are precious... Go Whirlies!!! With a grateful heart.......  Jill Utter Shugart      

10/11/10 04:16 PM #24    

Eddie Wallace

It was great seeing everyone Saturday! Wow the years fly buy huh! Thanks again to Ken and team for doing such a wonderful job putting all of this together!

The dancing was fun! Hadn't done that in a long while! We still have some crazy folks from the 80's! Lots of fun.

Cheers to all and my best wishes for success to you and your families!


Eddie Wallace 

10/11/10 08:00 PM #25    


Judy Huffman

First thanks to the committee whose unyielding hours brought forth this great weekend.

Bill Gurnee - thanks for saying a prayer for our fellow classmates whom have left us sooner than most.

It was great seeing so many faces and looking to see how much some of us have changed and others not so much. Looking forward to another reunion in 5 years right Ken/Carl?

Judy Huffman Rudy







10/13/10 09:11 PM #26    


Jeffery Moffitt

Hey everyone who attended saturdays reunion it was a blast I somehow lost my name tag thur all that dancing not to mention a very extra pounds lol it was the most memorable vacation I have ever had so if you found my picture please send to my home address do not keep to throw dARTS AT IT.LOVE YOU KEN AND CARL YOU ALL ARE THE BEST

07/01/11 11:16 AM #27    


Dana Lowell

Another missing classmate Friended me on Facebook!  Eric Welker!  I will try to get him to sign up here.

08/29/12 12:34 PM #28    

Lisa Germain

 hope  all  well  with  you all.          i to im  trying   keep in  touch with old class mates.   throw.    linked in  and  so on.          but no one have  every  emailed me back.     all well.       i have been in cotact with pam   newell   she  doing  well.     

  i all so have a  reminer   that my birthdays coming up this  sunday the  2nd    of  september.    so im hoping for some birthday  responce    from all my class mates.      lisa

04/24/13 10:25 AM #29    


Dana Lowell

Hello everybody!
It's been over a year since I stopped by here...very busy at work and with a 5 year old.

Hope we can have a simple "party" gathering at a restaurant for our 35th in 2015.


Later, Dana,  aka Jack's Daddy

08/06/13 09:46 AM #30    


Dana Lowell

Grimsley website:
I have found a Grimsley Senior High School class ring, with "1980" on it. It has the initials "SCA" engraved on the inside. If you have any way of knowing whom it might belong to, could you put me in touch with them, or have them contact me? If the person can describe the ring to me, I would be delighted to return it to them. I am in Atlanta, GA. Thank you.
 Jan Bryant

06/18/15 01:46 PM #31    


Wayne Moore

Hello My Fellow Classmates,

U R now entering Wayne's World.smiley It's been a while. How R U all doing? Fine I hope. I am ok. Please feel free 2 contact me. I would like 2 catch up. (804)393-4091 or I maybe moving back 2 G'boro. I would like 2 touch bases with U Judy Huffman. I worked with TekSystems in Glen Allen VA. I am a Telecom Engineer(Network Security) with a active Secret Security Clearance. Oh well after Grimsley, Iwas a professional Musician. I joined the US Army. I thought I was Rambo. When U R on the battle field, U fine out who & what U really are... Now I am fighting 4 my DAV benifits, Go figure??? Why would the US do that 2 us.But that's another story.cheeky I miss my friends, It's hard being out of the US Army?. Please keep in contact. I sent a few privite messages. God Bless.


12/27/16 02:00 PM #32    


Dana Lowell


On Wed. Dec. 28, 2016 at Kathy Siepak's parents house in Greensboro. 

A dozen Grimsley friends gathered for hugs, memories, and support for Kat Siepak as she battles cancer.

Front: Larry Kerwin '82, Anita Prato '80, Dana Lowell '80, Denise Ling '80, Chris Roulac '78, John (family).

Seated Center: Kathy Siepak '80.

Standing:  Zack Kelleher (Page '81), Paula Sieber '80, Carol Witherspoon '80, Kelley Wheaton '82, Lee Spencer '80, Karen Siepak '81, Dale Johnson '79/'80, Scott Stanley '80.

12/29/16 03:06 AM #33    

George Praxmarer

All the best for the new year to all of you! Would like to join, too but there's no flight available. wink

My special thoughts are for Kat and all others who have to battle in any way - believe in yourself, your strength and the support of friends and family.

All the best, Georg

12/29/16 12:28 PM #34    

Lisa Germain

happy  holidays  to you   and yours    lisasmiley


12/29/16 03:51 PM #35    

James Bailey

Hey everyone. Just getting in touch.  I'm hanging in there.  I've seen better but I've also seen a lot worse.  I'm now going on 6 years at the Summerfield Papa John's Pizza.  The main issue I'm having to deal with is my mom's dementia--she turns 90 on January 4th.  This is an emotional rollar coaster that I do not wish upon anyone because sometimes it can be, to be quite blunt, a living hell.  Those of you out there who are so inclined to pray, your prayers are welcome.  I accept genuine prayer from anyone:  Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Islam, Buddhist, Celtic Druid, etc.  We're all in this together and I send out a blanket all-purpose prayer to the rest of you who are in need of one.  I do not do Facebook because someone hacked my account and changed my password.  However, anyone who wants to get in touch with me my snail mail address is as follows:

2307 Fairfield Ave.; Greensboro, NC 27408  My phone is (336)288-4186.  Please note this is a land line.  For privacy reasons I do not carry a portable phone.  For those who use EMail:


Jim Bailey


08/12/17 11:20 AM #36    


Dana Lowell

My friend Kat Siepak died.
Here is the link...copy and paste to your browser if necessary:

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